French bulldog Story

August 28, 2020 0 By Eazi Montess

Hi there!

You might remember me as LOE but a new life requires a new name. You can call me CLEO now, and I have a story to tell. Are you ready?

I was supposed to be a designer French bulldog. Bred for my specific looks and headed for a life of the furry and fabulous… but I wasn’t always in the fast lane on the road to success!

Until recently I was going nowhere fast, because somewhere along the way things went terribly wrong. When I was born as a French bulldog, my legs didn’t work properly and I couldn’t breathe well. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t play. Every day I struggled just to get enough air.

And that was my life for my first two years, until French bulldog online Society saved me. I still remember the day everything changed. I was at home when some officers came to the house. They looked at me and all of the other French bulldogs in the house. They promised they would help us. They helped us all get into big plastic crates and loaded us into a big truck. We went for a long ride and arrived at a strange building. The day I was rescued I met a lot of nice people! I used my irresistible charm to make friends with all the ladies… nobody can resist my kisses!

After I made friends with everyone, it was time to see the vet. One of my new friends tried to walk me there, but they soon discovered how much trouble I was in. After trying to walk only a few feet I turned blue and collapsed. My legs couldn’t carry me and I was gasping for air. They grabbed me and rushed me in to the French bulldog health clinic…

Today I am living proof that a few caring people can change the world for a Frenchie in need. Over the next few months I will be sharing more of my journey from underdog to wonderdog here on this page.

Curious why I’m on market as a French bulldog for sale? I will like to go home with the best ever caring buyer who knows and understand the story of a “caring Frenchie” I am calm, affectionate, keen, patient, and playful, how about us been friends!!!        

Let’s go home!!!

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